Cinnamon Graham Cracker Ice Cream

Husband got me the ice cream maker attachment (for our Kitchenaid Mixer) for my birthday!! ¬†We’ve been wanting one for awhile and what better occasion than my birthday?? ūüėČ ¬†My first batch was pretty bad, I hate a learning curve. ¬†This is my second attempt.

This recipe is from the Penzey’s catalog.

No substitutions were made.

cinn graham ice cream 1

Cinnamon Graham Cracker Ice Cream

1 3/4 c heavy cream
12 oz nonfat plain Greek yogurt
1 tsp pure vanilla extract
4 tblsp honey
4 tblsp maple syrup
3/4 tsp cinnamon
2 large rectangular graham crakers, broken into pieces
2 1.4 oz bars chocolate-covered toffee, broken into small bits

Beat the heavy creak in a large bowl until thick (2 to 3 minutes).  Fold in the yogurt, vanilla, honey, maple syrup and cinnamon.  Pour into your ice cream maker.  Add the remaining ingredients a couple of minutes before the ice cream is fully thickened.  Pour into a 1.5 quart freezer safe bowl with a lid and chill until hardened.

If you don’t have an ice cream maker, you can put the original mixture into the freezer-safe bowl and freeze for 2 hours. ¬†Then, stir the mixture and add the graham cracker and toffee bits. ¬†Continue to stir it every 2 hours, for up to 6 hours. ¬†Then chill until hardened.

cinn graham ice cream 2

cartoon-strawberry-9My second batch came out better than the first. ¬†I love the consistency and texture of this recipe, but the tartness from the yogurt is pretty strong. ¬†I’m thinking its because of the brand? ¬†Third batch is coming soon!