It’s February Y’all

Month of FebruarySeriously?  February?  I felt like I lost the whole month of January.  And I guess in a way, I did.

On January 5th, my older brother passed away unexpectedly.  For the next three weeks, my mom, dad, sister and I huddled together to grieve, plan, laugh and cry.  On January 22nd, we held a wonderful service to celebrate his life and to thank God for the years He gave us with Chris.

During the weeks I was at home, many friends and family blessed us with homemade treats and meals.  I was even given a secret family recipe for the most amazing spaghetti sauce I’ve ever had. – Thanks Miss Kathy!

So now I’m back home in Tennessee, and ready to get back into my kitchen.  I have a couple of posts scheduled and a couple more ready to write.  I’m looking forward to getting back on schedule and sharing the fun recipes I find.

Here’s to a great February!

Strawberries and Yogurt

Welcome to Strawberries and Yogurt!

I don’t know about you, but I am a recipe hoarder.  I have cookbooks all over my kitchen.  I have stacks and stacks and notebooks full of recipes that I have pulled out of magazines over the years.  Part of the reason is because I love books and food and paper, and the other reason is because I believe someday I’ll cook all of these wonderful things.

So here’s my idea – start a cooking blog and focus on all of these recipes I’ve wanted to try for so long.  Think I have enough to keep me busy?

I promise to let you know where I got the recipe from.

I promise to let you know if I substitute any ingredients, or change any part of the recipe.

I promise to let you know if the recipe will become part of our regular rotation.

Here’s to some great eatin’!